A Brief History

DSC_1053 (683x1024)The Town of Oakville owes its existence to the vision of Colonel William Chisholm, an enterprising merchant and shipbuilder. In 1827, he bought 960 acres of land from the Crown at the mouth of the Sixteen Mile Creek on Lake Ontario to establish a port, shipbuilding yard and the village of Oakville.

With an abundance of oak and pine forests and beautiful harbours, Oakville became known as a hub for ship building. It was declared a port of entry in 1834. In 1857, Oakville was incorporated as a town, and William Chisholm’s son, George King Chisholm, became its first mayor.

Today, Oakville is home to more than 4,500 employers and 260 national and international headquarters. Its harbours are no longer industrial ports; instead they are now major destinations for visitors and residents alike.